Friday, February 20, 2015

Helping Hand

Going on now at Laguna Middle School in Mr. Ous 8th grade AVID class, students are doing research on local problems and finding solutions. This project was started around November/December and is still not even halfway done. These kids are doing projects on depression, homelessness, littering, and even the drought. One thing they have to do for their project is get an expert. Little did you know we have local experts.

Another important part of the project is building a website. That's right, a website. 8th grade middle school students are getting a chance to build websites about their subject to raise awareness. None have been completed yet, but by the end of the year they plan on having many facts, statistics, and other information that is important. 

One main key in this subject is the survey. Mr.Ou currently has 2 7th grade history teachers having all the 7th graders take it, and 2 8th Grade math teachers, including himself. This survey will have no personal questions, but questions relating to that person/groups subject. The survey results will end up on each person websites showing the answers mostly chosen.

Hope to see progress.

(links to the websites will be uploaded later.) 

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