Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is Bigger Really Better?

As most of you have heard, and probably own, the new Iphone 6 came out. They have a "regular" size, and a plus size, but is it really better? Some may argue that it was a bigger screen making it more visible and others may argue that it's just to big. 

You want a phone that can fit in your pocket? Or one that you will be able to watch movies, videos, and see things more visible on? For this blogger, they prefer the IPhone 6 themselves.

Now whats the big difference? Well the weight, the length, and the width have what seems like huge differences. Take this for example: The IPhone6+ is 6.22 inches in length, while the IPhone6 is only 5.44 inches tall. The width for the 6+ is 3.06 inches while the normal 6 is only 2.64 inches wide. Big differences. 

Now it's for you to choose, which do you prefer? 


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