Thursday, May 14, 2015

Has is prepared me?

A big question is, has middle school prepared me for high school? The answer to that depends, do you mean academically or socially? It all depends, middle school were rough years for me and I am glad to be moving on to high school. Middle school is a place where you figure out what kind of person you are, its rough for everyone. This could be because of puberty or personal problems, but below is how middle school, has prepared me for high school. 
Social skills, something I never achieved at a younger age. Socially awkward or whatever you may call it, I am. I do not like approaching people but will if I have to. When I got to middle school I realized I had to, or I would have trouble making friends, so I learned how to approach people. Another social skill I achieved from middle school is dealing with bullies. That was one of the most difficult thing to do overall because you want to throw something back at them when they insult you but if you do you are fueling the fire, I had to learn how to keep the fuel in my fire. Lastly, there are teachers, yes they're part of being social too, they are people (Spoiler). Dealing with them was difficult for me because I always thought middle school teachers were these tall people with rulers slapping people, I was partly wrong. I soon got to know my teachers throughout the year, and they turned out to be pretty nice, if I was being nice to them. So overall, I believe socially, Laguna Middle School has prepared me for high school, for the most part at least.
Now academically, that's a completely different story. I don't believe Laguna has prepared me for high school academically. I believe this because of what we were taught different things than we will learn in high school. An example of that would be, take math for example; we learn about algebra and pre-algebra, but in high school we get hit with geometry and trigonometry. I believe that's all I need to explain, but overall I don't thing we were prepared 100% academically for high school.  
So do I feel prepared for high school? absolutely. I am terrified but I feel like I can handle it. 

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